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Brand Safety

Brand Safety and Brand Image are one of our top priorities. We at Mediascopy Digital Solutions follow very uncompromising rules, regulations and quality checks to implement the same. Our team of Campaign execution & Delivery keep a regular check on a lot of check-points to ensure that the client expectations are met in every way.

We follow the below measures

for the security of every brand and its image:

1. Strict Approval Process: A list of trusted and advertiser friendly publishers is maintained so that they can be leveraged for advertisers to place their ads on. Likewise, a blacklist is also maintained. This means that a careful eye is kept not only on which sites are safe, but which could be problematic.

2. Fraud Record: In addition to protecting a brand's reputation by maintaining whitelists and blacklists, there are also lists kept regarding fraudulent sites (such as sites that have no traffic, but are just there trying to capture revenue without visits or engagements that provide actual value).

3. Dedicated Account Manager: Technology can be handy to identify potentially unsafe ad placements, but that's not enough. Leveraging real people to evaluate content, websites, and potential placements that could be harmful or undesirable for advertisers. That adds a layer of security and verification for advertisers to rely on.

4. Transparency: In order to provide transparency for advertisers, we make all this information available to clients upon request.


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